1938-11-04Basel, Switzerlandmale

Dialog (dialogue), op. 79, for viola and violoncello

a mood picture
Instrument List
Viola, Violoncello
Year (created)
Original Instrumentation
Directory, No.
op. 79
Playing time
3 Min. 40 sec.
Difficulty level
The draftsman, painter and graphic artist Franz Anatol Wyss has titled his painting «Conversation». I assume that he had already thought about how the conversation between the two people would take place before the picture was created. Of course, this remains hidden from the viewer of the present picture. In the piece «Dialogue» I have tried to musically «trace» the moods of a possible course of conversation. (These are the same considerations I made when writing the piece «Duettino» for two violas«). Roger Faedi
String duo
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Vorwort / PrefaceVorwort / Preface
edition faedis, 2018
Notenbeispiel / Music exampleNotenbeispiel / Music example
edition faedis, 2018
Dialog (dialogue), op. 79, for viola and violoncello