1938-11-04Basel, Switzerlandmale

Duetino, op. 77, for two Violas

Instrument List
2 Violas
Year (created)
Original Instrumentation
Directory, No.
op. 77
Playing time
3 Min. 37 sec.
Difficulty level
The examination of Paul Klee's painting Duettino des Passanten from 1938 prompted me to write this piece. Two people meet each other. Their facial features inspired my imagination and I tried to express what was going on in their heads. To a certain extent, a psychography set to music was created.
I decided to use two violas, because the mysterious message of the picture as well as the brownish-warm background of the picture reflect the sound of the viola best. The piece is set in free tonality, which allows me to make the encounter of two people musically more open. Roger Faedi
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edition faedis, 2018
Duetino, op. 77, for two Violas