Hermann Suter(1870–1926)

1870-04-2804/28/1870 in Kaiserstuhl (Aargau), Switzerland
1926-06-2206/22/1926 in Basel, Switzerland
Hermann Suter
In Wilhelm Merian's book 'Hermann Suter, der Dirigent und der Komponist' (Helbing & Lichtenhahn, Basel 1936) one can read about Suter's piano music: «Suter's piano music belongs almost exclusively to his youth and study years and has remained unprinted. Nonetheless, he did not spurn to carefully preserve some of it, which in his self-criticism may at least mean a certain value judgement; much of it had to be destroyed at his request after his death. The still existing is for the course of development Suters is not without significance. The earliest preserved are the Small Piano Pieces for Two Hands which Suter dedicated to his father at Christmas 1886. There are four character pieces, Trübsinnig, Munter, Walzer, Scherzo, the first of which is an Adagio with a painful melody in C sharp minor, one of his later favorite keys. The movement is awkward, some of it stiff, but not without invention.» A transcription of the Small Piano Pieces is available (Basel University Library). The accompanying indications in the Waltz (Strong, with force and energy) and in the Scherzo (Very fast, spooky) were added by Suter's hand.


Kleine Klavierstücke, for Piano solo

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Kleine Klavierstücke, for Piano, Part
Hermann Suter, Aufnahme aus den 1920er JahrenHermann Suter, Aufnahme aus den 1920er Jahren
Photo: Gemeinfrei
Hermann SuterHermann Suter
Photo: Verlag SKMV