Roger Faedi(1938)

1938-11-0411/04/1938 in Basel, Switzerland
Roger Faedi


Phantasma I and II, for Viola Ludus. 4 Bagatelles, for Violin (Oboe) and Viola Dämmerungen (Twilights) , for violin and viola Duetino for two Violas Dialog (dialogue) , for viola and violoncello Noema, for Oboe (Viola) and Piano Tenebre, for Viola and Piano Wanni , for Viola and Piano Light and shadow, for Violin, Viola and Violoncello, 2016 Sogno, for Viola and Piano In Gedanken versunken, for Viola and Piano Eklipse, for Viola and Piano Meditation, for Viola and Piano Garm, for Viola and Piano Contemplation, for Viola and Piano Four songs on poems by F. Pessoa, for Bariton and Viola, 2013 Due frammenti (prologo for Violin and Viola / epilogo for Violine, Viola and Piano) Capriccio, for Violin, Viola and Violoncello Passagen (Passages) , for Flute, Viola and Violoncello Kontraste, for Viola and Piano Krisis, Emotions for Oboe and Viola In der Schwebe, for 2 Fluten and Viola (oder 2 Recordern and Gambe) Momente, for Flute, Viola and Piano frammenti. pensieri incisi (Comments by Vincenzo Todisco, woodcuts by Paolo Pola) for Bariton, Violin, Viola and Piano Memo, for high Voice, 0boe and Viola, 2015 Zwei Lieder (Two songs) , for Tenor, Viola and Piano

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Kleine Klavierstücke, for Piano, Part Our da l'Engiadina (Aus dem Engadin), 2 pieces for Viola and Piano, Score and Part Aus Rätien. Three moods, for Clarinet, Viola and Piano, Score and part for Clarinet and Viola Ständchen, for Violin and Piano, Score
Roger FaediRoger Faedi
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